This is a private page to help bands and event organizers understand what we have, how it can work and the details of making it happen.  Please let us know if you have any questions not answered here or in the Band FAQ

Our original goal in buying Pocakovo was to have a place and the space to offer music, theater, classes and art events.  

We think Pristava is a special place and we want this to be the coolest and best gig you have ever played.  We hope you will  agree.  

Let us know  if there is anything special you  require and we will do our best to accommodate  you.  Lets make this a blast for everyone.

First and foremost, we want you have have a great experience playing Pristava Pocakovo.  If you are comfortable and have fun, the audience will as well.  

To that end, we want to make sure we have taken care of everything you need, all questions answered and established clear lines of communication to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our offer is this:

You can contact us any time by email, sms or mobile.  Please don't hesitate to call if there is anything we can do to make this more fun and easy for you.  

For additional information be sure to read the Band FAQ

HOSTS: Chris & Cathy

EMAIL: bands (at)

MOB: +386) 64 14 6043