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On this page you can find answers to questions you may have about what to expect when you come to play the Pristava.  We are very flexible on nearly every point but to make this as easy, fun and smooth for everyone, we wanted to provide some basic guidelines to set expectations and avoid any last minute surprises.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask:  

bands (at)


Where is Pristava Počakovo located?

We are in the heart of Slovenia, near the town of Radeče (60 minutes west of Ljubljana, 90 minutes south of Graz Austria, 45 minutes north of Zagreb, 40 minutes south of Celje).  We are easily found on Google maps at "Pocakovo 26, Radece"

How can we get there?

1)  Fly into Ljubljana and take train to Zidani Most.

2)  Take a train from anywhere in EU to Zidani Most.

3)  Drive directly to Počakovo.


What accommodations are available?

We have 3 rooms with double beds and 2 rooms with single beds in the old manor haus. If you wish to stay overnight, let us know and we will find an arrangement that works for you. The rooms are rustic and inexpensive but comfortable.  Let us know well in advance if you will be staying the night so we can be sure to reserve the rooms you need.

What food is available?

If you wish, and you let us know ahead of your arrival, we can have meals and snacks ready for you. There is great pizza nearby and several good  restaurants in the area.  If you want to come early for a real meal, or hang out to eat after the show, we can easily arrange a really great traditional feast.

We will also have beer, wine and snacks available for sale to guests. 


How will the show be promoted?

We will do our best to promote your show via our web page, direct emails to our mailing list, Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as putting up posters in the nearby towns and villages.  

You should also plan to do the same.  We want to as many people as possible to know about your show and pack the house to give you great energy.  Please try to get the word out no later than 3 weeks ahead of your play date. Please be sure to mention "Pristava Počakovo" and use our web address in your promotions.

What kind of audience should we expect?

We always get a fair number of locals who are smart, engaged and interested.  We are also usually joined by friends and guests who are staying at Pristava.  We hope you can generate interest in your fan base and reach out to them to tell them about the show and encourage them to come.


What PA and equipment is available?

We have a 24-channel Yamaha board, 4 vocal mics and cables with 2 speakers. This is very clean and suitable for intimate shows in the barn.

You will need to bring whatever you need on stage, If you have PA gear you can always bring it as a backup if what we have isn't enough. You should plan to bring microphones, stands and cables, or let us know and we can rent whatever you can't bring.  Any additional lighting you can bring would also be helpful.

For larger outdoor shows in the hay rack & meadow, you will need to bring a PA system, or let us know and we can rent one for you.

You are welcome to visit Pristava before the show to look at what we have just to make sure it will be adequate, or just call and ask if you have questions.

Do you have a sound technician?

For simple indoor shows in the old barn, we can setup and monitor the sound for you.  For larger outdoor shows, you can either provide your own technician or we will hire one for you.

How good is stage access for loading and unloading?

For the the indoor barn stage you can back up right to the entrance door.  From there the stage is less than 5m away.  The door can accommodate gear up to 80cm wide. 

For the hay rack stage you can drive right up to the stage with any size vehicle and load-in/out from right next to the stage.

How big is the stage?

The indoor barn stage size is 5.5 m x 2.5 m. 

The outdoor hay rack stage is 8.5 m x 3.5 m.

What type of electric power is available?

We have 25 amp single and 3-phase service to both stages. You may want to bring any power strips or extension cords you will need.

What lighting do you have?

Currently we have small LEDs lights and white fill lighting for both stage areas. If you want a bigger light show, you will need to bring your own or let us know ahead of time so we can rent them.


Can we get a recording of the show?

Yes, if you would like a recording of your show, let us know and we have basic audio equipment ready for you to record your show using Audio Technica condenser mics and a ZoomH4 recorder that can also pull a feed from the mixer.

Can we get a video of the show?

Yes, if you would like a video of your show, you are welcome to film it.  For now, all we can offer is mobile phone recording, but if you have a higher quality recorder, you are welcome to bring it and we can operate it for you during the performance.

Would it be possible to capture some drone footage of our outdoor show?

Yes, if you would like some basic drone footage of your (outdoor) performance, let us know 30 days in advance and we can arrange for a drone photographer to capture some of the performance for you.  Depending on what exactly you want, they may charge a small amount to cover their time)


What time should we arrive and setup?

You are welcome to arrive any time after 2pm the day of the show.  We like to run a sound check around 5pm if possible.  If you want to eat here, we can arrange for a nice meal after sound check and before guests arrive.

How long can we play?

We normally prefer to do two 45 minute sets with a 15-30 minute break in between.  If you have other ideas of preferences, let us know and we will adjust accordingly.

On occasion, we may also have a warm-up act of some sort, in which case we will adjust timings as needed.

What time should we plan to start & finish?

Generally, the audience will start showing up about 19:00 and giving people time to get in, mix & mingle, the show can start sometime after 20:00.  

After the show, the everyone is welcome to hang around until 23:00 when, out of respect for our neighbors, we prefer to shut down any sound or lights which might disturb the peace.  You are more than welcome to hang around longer after that but we try to keep it calm.


To ensure we meet your expectations, get the show promotional material  correct and get the word out in time, please plan to provide the following:

30 days in advance of the show date:

Check out the examples of the types of post we like to make at least 30 days before your event.

1 week before the show date:


Here are some useful links to local friends and resources that can help you with your gig at Pristava:

Light & Sound Tomaž Lavrinec

Our vision for Pristava Pocakovo is to create the coolest, most fun place to play in central Europe.  We want you and our audience to have a fantastic time here and help us grow Pristava Pocakovo into the premier venue for hearing great music and doing cool events.  If there is anything we can do to make this easier or more fun please let us know.  We welcome all feedback.

See you soon!

Chris & Cathy @ The Pristava