Support your favorite Pristava

(and get some cool stuff too)

To help us keep the fun stuff going, to spread the word and to help you be the coolest kid on the block, we offer the following Pristava merchandise items which you can purchase here.


(S, M, L, XL, XXL)

15€ ea  (10€ for members)

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4€ ea  (B3 – 353 x 500 mm)


1€ ea  (approx. 8x4 cm)


To place an order for our cool schwag, drop us an email and let us know how many you need, where you want it sent and any other particulars.  

We always have everything in stock but we are happy to ship what we have.  Or better yet, come up for a coffee and pick it up right here at the Pristava.

Email your order to:

merch (at)


To save you money and hassle we prefer that you come for a visit to pick up orders but if that is not convenient, then provide a shipping address where we can mail it to you for a flat 5€ shipping fee per order (all items together).  

Just add the shipping fee to your total and let us know where to sent it.


We can accept direct IBAN/SEPA payments or cash if you stop by to pick it up.

IBAN: SI56 0311 1100 0660 582

ACCT#: SI56 0311 1100 0660 582

BANK: SKB Bank d.d. Ljubljana,  Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana

ORG: KUD Pristava Počakovo,  

ADDRESS: Počakovo 26, 1433 Radeče

PHONE: +386 64 146 043